The State Government’s spending and procurement practices can provide a massive opportunity for local Aboriginal businesses.

Local business Zancott Recruitment, one of the top 25 Fast Movers in SA in 2017 is providing staff through their recruitment labour hire company to lead contractors to assist them in meeting government workforce participation targets associated with the Torrens to Torrens, O’Bahn Extension and Gateway South projects.

Cameron Buzzacott, the Managing Director and owner of Zancott Recruitment is a young Aboriginal man who through drive and determination has built a small local business into a successful national business.

Cameron, recently said “I would like to thank the South Australian State Government for the support in facilitating the Aboriginal Economic Participation Initiative, and in particular the work of the Office of the Industry Advocate. The assistance and support the office has given to South Australian based, Aboriginal owned and managed businesses has been profound and the team at Zancott Knight FM are especially appreciative. Opportunities identified by the Office of the Industry Advocate with lead contractors are pivotal for Indigenous owned and operated companies, such as Zancott Knight FM, and we are extremely grateful to the team at the Office of the industry Advocate.