Major school upgrades totaling $692 million are being funded for 91 schools across the metropolitan, country and Greater Adelaide region of South Australia through the Department’s capital works program. Upgrades at each school will be unique to that school and be a mixture of:

additional learning areas and facilities in high schools for the transition of year 7
removing old relocatable or modular classrooms
new buildings for schools with growing student numbers
refurbishing classrooms and buildings into modern learning areas
landscaping and upgrading street frontage to create vibrant entries.

The 91 schools receiving upgrades consist of 62 metropolitan schools, 21 country schools and 8 schools from the Greater Adelaide region. The 91 schools are made up of:

30 primary schools
44 high schools
16 birth to year 12/reception to year 12/area schools
1 Aboriginal school.

Around 67,000 students across the state will benefit with around 1 in 5 schools having their facilities upgraded.

Recently the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure delivered a presentation to the Construction Industry Forum on the delivery strategy for the program. Please see the following presentation to learn more: Department for Education – Capital Works Program – Delivery Strategy