Rapid Global’s engagement with the Northern Connector Project began with the roll-out of our Rapid Induct software, allowing for all employee and contractor workers involved in the project to be inducted online, as well as track their licences and competencies. Rapid Induct was our company’s first product, and was developed entirely here in South Australia. We are very pleased to say that after the success of Rapid Induct, Lendlease engaged us to implement our Rapid Access systems throughout the Northern Connector Project. This involved the introduction of our Rapid Access terminals at the entry/exit gates to the Northern Connector’s construction site. Again, this software was developed in Adelaide. As of recently, we have now been able to introduce our Contractor Management software, allowing Lendlease to easily manage all the contractor companies’ documents who are involved in the Northern Connector Project.

The opportunity to work with a company as large as Lendlease, particularly on a project such as the Northern Connector, was an important opportunity for our business. We have seen our team grow in recent times with the engagement of many clients throughout Australia as we focus on strengthening our product offering, in addition to building our South Australian-based Client Services team. The fact that the Northern Connector Project has also created many job opportunities for fellow South Australians is a fantastic result, and we take much pride in being able to help this workforce get the job done!

The implementation of the Industry Participation Policy has assisted Rapid Global to have an opportunity to demonstrate our capability for multiple South Australian projects. The Industry Participation Policy helps local organisations to extend their reach and expand their operations.

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